Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon before Surgery

If you are planning to have oral surgery, it’s natural to be curious about the experience, and want to know exactly what you can expect. At the office of Orlando oral and maxillofacial surgeon Ronald Trevisani, we believe there are no stupid questions, only the questions that you don’t ask. We are happy to answer any question, no matter how trivial it may seem, if it helps you to feel more comfortable with your visit and more prepared for your surgery. You are also less likely to feel anxious or fearful of oral surgery if you go into the experience with as much information as possible.
We have put together a list of the most important and the most commonly asked questions that our oral surgery Orlando patients usually have. We encourage you to print this list out and bring it with you to your pre-operative consultation with Dr. Trevisani. Don’t forget to add in your own questions at the end!
The Surgical Plan
 How complex will my procedure be?
 How long will my procedure last?
 What type of anesthesia will be used?
 Do you recommend any other dental treatments or procedures?
Prepping for the Procedure
 Do I need to quit smoking prior to my procedure?
 Are there any medications, vitamins or supplements that I should avoid prior to surgery?
 Do I need to fast the night before surgery?
 Can I eat and drink on the morning of my procedure?
 Can I take my prescription medications on the morning of my procedure?
 Is there anything I should bring with me on the day of my procedure?
 What do you recommend if I feel anxious about my procedure?
 When should I arrive at your office or the surgical facility?
Recovering from Surgery
 What can I expect during my recovery from surgery?
 What should I eat after oral surgery?
 Is there anything I can do to help myself recover faster?
 Will I be able to drive myself home from the procedure?
 Will I need to take time off from work or school after my surgery?
 Are there any products that can enhance my recovery?
Contact Our Orlando Oral Surgeon
Don’t be shy — our entire team is here to help you feel comfortable about oral surgery procedures, including wisdom teeth removal and dental implants placement. We want you to feel relaxed and confident when planning your oral surgery procedure. If you would like more information about oral surgery, please contact Dr. Trevisani today. – See more at: