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Orlando Dental Implants Procedure: Surgical Placement of the Implants

Implants are a more stable and permanent alternative to dental bridges and dentures. Instead of simply sitting on top of the gums, artificial teeth are attached to titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is a gradual process that takes several months, including preparing for implant placement, the oral surgery to place the post and letting the jawbone and implant post integrate.
Dr. Trevisani is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who has guided numerous patients through the implant placement process without complications. Learn more about the process and what to expect, and contact our Orlando implant dentistry practice today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Trevisani.

Preparing for Implant Placement

Before placing the implants, Dr. Trevisani must determine whether there is sufficient jawbone to accommodate the implant post(s). He will use X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans to evaluate the bone density and quantity. CT scans can also help him plan the placement of the implant posts.

If a patient has insufficient bone to handle the implants, there are several ways to correct the bone deficiency. For example, Dr. Trevisani may recommend bone or soft tissue grafts. Another option is mini dental implants, which have a smaller diameter than regularly sized implants (about the size of a toothpick).

The Implant Placement Procedure

Implant placement is performed in one of Dr. Trevisani’s offices. Local anesthesia is typically used to alleviate any patient discomfort. The procedure is explained in great detail prior to starting treatment, so patients know what to expect.

To place the posts, Dr. Trevisani makes an incision in the gums and drills a small hole in the jawbone underneath the missing tooth. This is called a pilot hole. He does this very carefully to avoid damaging the jawbone, nerves and sinus cavity (on the upper arch of teeth). He slowly widens the hole to accommodate the implant post, which looks like a small screw or cylinder.

Depending on which implant system is used, the post may or may not already have a small extension piece called an abutment connected to it. The abutment connects the implant post to the artificial tooth restoration.

After placing the implant post in the hole, Dr. Trevisani covers the implant with surrounding gum issue and places a protective cover over the top. He may also place a temporary tooth restoration to help the patient speak and eat comfortably while the implant heals.

If the abutment is not already connected to the implant post, Dr. Trevisani may perform a second procedure to attach the abutment. This is done after the jawbone and implant post have healed.

Recovering from Implant Placement

The bone will heal around the implant for several months; this period of time is called osseointegration (which literally means “combines with the bone”). Osseointegration is what gives the implant incredible stability. Every patient heals differently, and osseointegration can take anywhere from two to six months.

During this time, it’s best to eat mostly a soft-food diet (e.g., soups, smoothies, pureed foods) to avoid putting heavy pressure on the healing implant. Using tobacco can slow the healing process, so it’s critical to avoid smoking. It’s also important not to clench or grind the teeth; individuals who suffer from bruxism (chronic teeth clenching) put their implants at greater risk of failure.

Once the bone and implant post have fully healed, Dr. Trevisani will complete the next step of the implant process: restoring the implant by placing an artificial tooth (or teeth) on top of the post.

Teeth in a Day

In certain cases, the implant placement procedure is condensed and completed in a single day. Dr. Trevisani plans and places the implant posts in the jawbone and immediately attaches the permanent artificial tooth to the top of the post instead of separating those steps into two procedures. Not everyone is a candidate for this option, but when performed on the right candidate, Teeth in a Day can be extremely convenient. Learn more about Teeth in a Day.

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