How to Eliminate the Pain, Discomfort, and Embarrassment of Dentures

If you have missing teeth, you may fear that dentures are the only solution. But good news—you may not have to resort to painful, uncomfortable, expensive dentures that may fall out or slip at any time, causing anxiety and embarrassment. Depending on your personal situation, there may be a much better answer.

Dental implants are often the best denture alternative. Dental implants involve surgically implanting a titanium rod directly into the jawbone, leaving just the top of the post above the gum line. Titanium is used because bone tissue can actually grow into it, bonding itself to the rod and making it a very strong, secure mount. Following the oral surgery procedure, the gums are given adequate time to heal and eliminate swelling, and artificial teeth can then be mounted to the titanium posts. These new teeth will look and feel as natural as if they were your own.

If your teeth are damaged, but are still in good enough shape to be left in your mouth, then other denture alternatives may be possible. If your teeth are badly stained, broken, worn or cracked, porcelain veneers can restore the aesthetic look of the teeth in the front of the mouth and add a layer of strength. Veneers are very thin slices of porcelain that can be created to exactly fit your natural teeth. On a second visit, the veneers will be cemented on, resulting in a beautiful new smile.

In some cases, crowns and bridges may be other appropriate alternatives for dentures. A crown is a cap that fits over the existing tooth after it has been repaired. A bridge is similar to a partial denture, but it is mounted by cementing it between the natural teeth on either side of the gap.

As you can see, there are several alternatives to standard dentures. If you’d like more information or if you have any questions, Dr. Trevisani can help you decide which of these denture alternatives may be appropriate for you.