Written Testimonials

I’ve been putting off getting my wisdom tooth removed for two years now and every once in a while they get infected so I finally bit the bullet. The procedure hurts less than getting my tooth cleaned. It was so painless that I never used any Tylenol. It was so great that the next day I went to Disney with my friends all day. My father is a pediatric surgeon and he never gets impressed with anyone and he said I was in and out and the results were really great! Dr Trevisani is the best!

Chen L.


Fantastic Oral Surgeon, great staff – always smiling, wonderful facilities. There’s no better place to go for my dental needs.

Stanley B.


My experience with Dr. Trevisani and his staff was pleasantly unusual. While visits to an oral surgeon in the past had never been anything to look forward to except for the fear and the panic, this trip was unanticipated. There was none of the excruciating pain and trauma that I had experienced with other surgeons.
Before surgery I was provided with dental assistants that explained the procedure and to inquire about my concerns. On seeing how extremely nervous I was, the same assistants assured me that Dr. Trevisani is always considerate of that fact. And he was! After the required anesthesia and with what seemed like minimal pressure and exceptional deftness, the entire procedure was over before I realized it.
My recovery was rapid and problem free. After-care was also another unusual experience: there was a follow-up call, later, to my home to see how I was progressing. In addition I was given an office appointment for the following week just to ascertain that I was healing properly.
In summary, I find that Dr. Trevisani is the perfect, unqualified paradigm for what responsible, patient-centered oral surgery should be. My recommendation for his services is without reservation.



I got all 4 wisdom teeth out on a Friday morning, said to be about a 20 minute procedure, sent home with pain pills and an antibiotic. Within the next day and a half I was up and not so loopy anymore and able to eat soft foods and probably within 4 days I was fine, no more pain. I had a follow up visit the next friday, he looked in my mouth, saw that the holes were closing up and healing and sent me right out the door, 10 minute appointment. Dr. Trevisani is personable and funny! I would definitely recommend him.

Ashleigh A


Most amazing experience at any dental office in my life!!!! Kinda wish he did everything and I never had to go to another dentist ever again but Trevisani! No better choice in my opinion for an oral surgeon in the entire Central Florida area but this man. Everyone in his staff is sweet, attentive, professional and caring. Zero discomfort, zero pain, an absolute pleasure. Appointments are on time. Dr takes the time to fully explain and make you feel at ease, he definitely loves what he does, plus he’s as charismatic as can be. Totally love him.

Karla D


At Dr Trevisani offices, it’s like a big family. Big smile as soon as you walk in. My mother came from Italy to do her dental work with Dr Trevisani. They also helped us to get Care Credit to pay for the work. After the surgery, Dr Trevisani called several times to see how my mother was doing. Everything went just like they explained to us. We are so happy with the end results, they are just perfect!

Franco H


I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Trevisani, his staff, and the treatment I’ve received. Everyone I’ve met at all of his offices have been super friendly and very accommodating. I tell everyone how much I love this practice. I would (and do often) highly recommend them.



The whole staff makes you feel very comfortable.



Ultra-high touch service. I feel at-ease throughout the visit and procedure. They care enough about their clients to squeeze them into busy schedules.



I came back to Dr. Trevisani because he is extraordinarily knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient. He treated me with respect and care and I would see him again for any future dental needs.



Tammy was very informative and thorough regarding insurance coverage, which in return, convinced me to come and have my wisdom tooth removed! Thanks Tammy!



I liked the special treatment and kindness that the doctor and the staff showed me. I will recommend your office to all my friends and employees.



I am very impressed with the knowledge the staff has regarding patient care. They show genuine concern for the well being of their patients. The surgery went so well that I barely remember it. I have already recommended this office to several of my friends, family and co-workers.



Since my first visit I have been pleased with the very friendly staff and the exceptional care given by all. When I call or come into the office everyone remembers who I am. The relationship has been very friendly and comfortable and not like a simple business transaction, which is what I’m used to. I appreciate the attention given by both doctors and making sure all my questions are answered and I am well.



I have always had a fear of dental procedures. I have avoided the dentist and it has cost me and robbed me of my beautiful smile. I brought a client into your office and I watched who came in and how they went out of your office. The staffs’ behavior appeared very professional and friendly. Dr. Trevisani made pulling teeth look like a breeze. I wrestled with making an appointment, but after observing the staff, I chose to make that appointment. Again, Dr. Trevisani made me feel very comfortable. I’m satisfied with the care and attention I received. The follow up call was even more impressive.



I admit I was very nervous about the surgery. I called in and Tammy calmed my fears. Surgery went well and I had no complications.



The staff was so incredibly nice and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable even knowing the scary procedure I was about to have. Appointments are easy to make and/or change. The office is in a convenient location and it is very nicely furnished and well kept. Loved everything. I would recommend this office to anyone! I appreciate everything! Thank you!



From my first visit to Dr. Trevisani’s office I was made to feel very confident and comfortable. Everyone here is extremely professional as well as personable. Dr. Trevisani was available at anytime for my questions or concerns, which I found terrific. Thank you all.



I love, love, love Dr. Trevisani and his staff. I have never been to a dentist that was more welcoming. I was in a lot of pain when I came here, but Dr. Trevisani and his staff were fast and super friendly about taking care of my pain. I will definitely recommend Dr. Trevisani to everyone. Plus, his front desk staff is the best around. They are the most caring people and you can tell that they are sincere and it’s not just a job they’re doing; they honestly care.



The experience that I encountered with Dr. Trevisani has been very pleasant. He was a very well spoken, great mannered oral surgeon. He explained everything in its entirety and helped me with my healing process. I plan on recommending him to any and everyone I know needing oral surgery.



Everyone is friendly and warm atmosphere. Very clean and organized.



The procedure I had done was the first time I’ve ever had to have any sort of surgery large or small. Dr. Trevisani and his welcoming staff made it as pleasant as getting your wisdom teeth pulled could possibly be. I’ll definitely return to his office if I ever have to have any other oral surgery and I will be referring family and friends. Thank you!



Amazing people that work here! So nice and personable! Dr. Trevisani is my new best friend! I recommend him and his office to everyone!



They surgery was fantastic. Everyone treated me very well. Thank you so much. I could not have asked for a better person to do my surgery than here. I will definitely be recommending not only the wonderful doctor Trevisani, but his wonderful staff also. I’m very pleased with everything. There was very little pain or discomfort. It was like if I had no surgery at all. I just want to thank everyone here at the office.



I feel that the staff here has been very helpful. Dr. Trevisani has a down to earth personality, which helped me to relax, and the fact that he was willing to help and work with the cost and payment has helped my family and myself. I would recommend him to anyone.



Both of my experiences with Dr. Trevisani and his staff have been a “stress free” experience. From the minute you walk in the door, friendly and knowledgeable staff greets you. The staff and Dr. Trevisani take the time to explain the procedure, what to expect and how to care for the surgery location post operation. Dr. Trevisani and his staff are always very professional and attentive to your questions and concerns. I will definitely recommend Dr. Trevisani to anyone who asks me about my two experiences with having my wisdom teeth taken out.



I was very nervous at first because I’ve never had oral surgery. The staff was very nice and informative. The doctor had a great attitude and professional at the same time. I was calm and when it was over I didn’t know it. Awesome job. I even referred people from my job to go to him for oral surgery. If I can trust him, anyone can.



My experience with Dr. Trevisani and his staff has been a very pleasurable one. He is very efficient with his work and one procedure. I was awake with local anesthesia but felt absolutely no pain. I definitely recommend my family and friends to the Trevisani center.



The staff and doctor were really nice and the surgery was quick and I want the phone number of the decorator…..this office is simply fabulous!!!



I was well received by the staff and they made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Trevisani is a pretty cool doctor and explained everything in simple form. He was also truthful and I respected his advice on the procedure that needed to be done to my teeth. If I have to have oral surgery done to me again, I would come back to this office. Thanks Dr. Trevisani.

Happy Patient