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Bone Grafting Surgery Orlando – Dr. Ronald Trevisani

Bone Grafting Surgery Orlando – Dr. Ronald Trevisani

In order for dental implants to succeed, the jawbone must have enough bone to act as a solid base for the posts. However, missing teeth can compromise the health and quality of the jawbone because it no longer receives the stimulation it needs to thrive. Other problems, like periodontal disease or an injury, can also be detrimental to the jawbone.

Orlando dental implants expert Dr. Ronald Trevisani offers a solution: bone grafting, which transplants bone or bonelike material to the jaw. Not only does this prepare the jawbone to receive dental implants, it can preserve the integrity of the facial structures.

Bone Grafting Materials

Bone grafting may use your own bone or a bonelike synthetic material. If Dr. Trevisani decides to use your own bone, he will graft it from either the back of the mouth, chin, hip or knee. He will transplant bone cells or a block of bone and fuse it to the jaw. Using your own bone is the safest and most desirable option.

If Dr. Trevisani determines that using your own bone is not a good idea, he has other options, like materials from a tissue bank or a synthetic material. These options are biocompatible and present little risk of rejection.

How Is Bone Grafting Performed?

Bone grafting may be performed in Dr. Trevisani’s office or a local surgicenter. Anesthesia is administered to prevent you from feeling any pain. Prior to surgery, a CT scan will be taken to provide Dr. Trevisani with a detailed image of the jawbone.

If Dr. Trevisani is grafting your own bone, he will use local anesthesia to numb the donor area (where the graft will be taken) and the recipient area (where the bone will be placed). He will first make an incision in the gum where he plans to place the implant, in order to determine how much bone and the type of bone that he needs to graft.

Dr. Trevisani will make an incision in the donor area and remove a block of bone and bone marrow. He will fill in the donor spot with a bone-graft material and cover the area with a layer of tissue. Finally, he closes the incision with stitches.

Then, Dr. Trevisani will place the donor bone into the recipient area and cover it with a protective membrane. He will anchor it into place with small screws, and suture the incision closed.

Recovering from Bone Grafting

You will receive antibiotics and pain medication to take after the procedure. Dr. Trevisani will also advise what foods to eat during the recovery phase. You must avoid putting pressure on the area while it heals.

The bone graft will need to heal for several months before the dental implant posts can be placed. Any screws that are anchoring the bone graft in place will be removed prior to implant placement.

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