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Sinus Lift

Anyone considering replacing a tooth with a dental implant must have healthy gum tissue and sufficient bone to support the implant. If a person does not have enough bone in the upper jaw, it is very difficult to place dental implants, and they are more likely to fail.

A bone grafting procedure called a sinus lift can help prepare the upper jawbone for implantation. Patients that have been told they need a sinus lift in Orlando trust Dr. Ronald Trevisani, an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon and implant dentist.

What Is Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift is a procedure that adds bone between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses, or the hollow cavities located behind the cheekbones and just above the upper molar teeth. The procedure prepares the upper jawbone to support one or more dental implants. It is similar to ridge augmentation for the lower jawbone.

Essentially, the procedure raises the sinus floor and allows for new bone formation, creating a sturdy foundation for the dental implant. The implant is then anchored in the body’s own bone, just like a natural tooth root, making it easy to chew, speak and smile confidently.

Am I a Candidate for Sinus Lift?

You may be a candidate for sinus lift if you want to replace one or more missing teeth with dental implants, but there is not enough bone in your upper jaw to support the implants. Perhaps your jawbone has deteriorated due to the lack of stimulation normally provided by the chewing motion, or perhaps periodontal disease has caused bone loss.

Another scenario in which you may need sinus lift is if one of your maxillary sinuses is naturally too close to your upper jaw. Everyone’s sinuses are different, and some are located too close to the jaw, whereas others can enlarge with age.

Sinus Lift, Step-by-Step

Sinus lift can be performed in Dr. Trevisani’s office with local anesthesia. Sedation medication can be given orally or intravenously to help keep patients comfortable.

To begin, a small incision is made to expose the upper jawbone. An opening is created in the jawbone, and the membrane that lines the sinus is gently pushed up and away from the bone. A bone grafting material is placed in the space where the sinus previously was. The incision is then closed.

Sinus lift is typically performed several months up to a year prior to implant placement. This allows time for the bone grafting material to help regenerate bone and tissue. When the implant can be placed depends on how much bone is required.

Recovering from Sinus Lift

The treated area may be slightly swollen and a little uncomfortable for a few days. Antibiotics should be taken to reduce the risk of infection. Decongestants can also help prevent congestion in the area. There is usually a follow-up about 10 days after the procedure to ensure the area is healing.

As mentioned, patients usually wait a few months up to a year after sinus lift before the implants are placed.

Orlando Sinus Lift

For more information about sinus lift, Orlando oral surgeon and implant dentist Ronald Trevisani encourages you to schedule a consultation. Please call or email our office today.