The Advantages of Dental Implants – Orlando

For most people, having a good set of teeth and an attractive smile is really important. People tend to notice teeth that are yellowed, crooked or – much worse – missing! Fortunately, replacing lost teeth is a relatively simple procedure these days.

With significantly improved technology in the last 10 years, issues with your teeth and gums are easily and quickly sorted out. If you have lost a tooth or teeth due to an accident or from having extractions, it’s not necessary to wear a bridge or dentures. A popular choice is dental implants. The image below shows a dental implant in the lower jaw:

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is attached to your jawbone. The tooth is exactly like your own tooth – it stays solid and looks and feels just like a natural tooth. If you have a few teeth that need replacing, the time of recovery will depend on what type of implant you are having. Sometimes bone grafting is required, and this will lengthen the time of recovery.
Your oral surgeon will carefully examine your oral cavity and ask about your lifestyle, then determine whether you can have the procedure done in his or her surgery with a local anesthetic. Patients report that the procedure is minimally uncomfortable.

Dental implants will increase your confidence dramatically. The implants are fashioned to blend in with your own teeth so they look completely real. You can eat whatever foods you like without discomfort, pain or embarrassment. If you practice good oral habits, your implants should last a long time.