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Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental professionals may have different beliefs and approaches, but something they can all agree on is the importance of replacing missing teeth. When a tooth falls out or needs to be extracted, it can have serious consequences on your oral health and overall health. If the tooth is not replaced, the problems only get worse.

Dr. Ronald Trevisani can stop these problems before they start by replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Implants are considered the standard of care for missing teeth.

You deserve to have beautiful, healthy teeth and all of the benefits that go along with them. Enjoy those benefits again with dental implants.

Eliminates Health Issues

One of the most obvious and detrimental health issues associated with missing teeth is jawbone loss. The jawbone needs stimulation to stay healthy and strong. When a tooth falls out, the underlying jawbone stops receiving stimulation and starts to deteriorate and waste away. Eventually this can cause the surrounding teeth to loosen and fall out, and the facial structures to collapse.

Because dental implants are placed in (and integrate with) the jawbone, the bone continues to thrive.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants prevents other health issues associated with tooth loss, such as periodontal disease. They also help maintain the integrity and structure of the surrounding teeth, which don’t need to be ground down like they do with a bridge. And, unlike the teeth that are covered with crowns to support a dental bridge, dental implants have no chance of developing a cavity.

Improves the Appearance of the Teeth and Smile

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of replacing missing teeth with dental implants is improving the aesthetics of the smile. They look and feel like natural, healthy teeth. Your implants will be custom-created to match your surrounding teeth in shape, size and color.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants also prevents the aesthetic consequences of the deterioration of the jawbone. As the jawbone shrinks and wastes away, the facial structures collapse. The lips fold in, the lower face shrivels up and wrinkles appear around the mouth. This gives the face a prematurely aged look.

Implants can make a face look 15 to 20 years younger by helping to maintain the integrity of the jawbone.

Prevents Other Teeth from Shifting in the Mouth

The gap left by a missing tooth or teeth is an inviting place for the remaining teeth to shift or drift. The remaining teeth might tilt off their normal axis and become more difficult to clean, making them vulnerable to cavities or gum disease. This can also throw off the bite and lead to other serious problems in the future. Luckily, implants fill the space and keep the surrounding teeth from moving around.

Restores Effective Chewing

When you lose one tooth, you actually lose the chewing power of two teeth. The missing tooth’s chewing partner cannot function without something to chew against.  This puts excessive force on the remaining teeth, causing them to wear down more quickly than normal and fall out or need extraction. In the worst cases, people with missing teeth can develop nutritional deficiencies because their chewing function is so badly compromised.

Implants are very strong and can withstand the normal forces of chewing. They make it possible to enjoy all of your favorite foods comfortably.

Replace Missing Teeth as Soon as Possible

To preserve normal appearance and function after tooth loss, speak to Dr. Trevisani about your tooth replacement options. Call or email our Orlando dental implants practice today.