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Trevisani Oral Surgery & Dental Implants brings State-of-the-art practices to all Orlando areas. Along with these high standards, he ensures his community and patients are well informed and up to date with the latest technologies, best practices, high quality Dental Implants, and the success of changing lives positively for a better life. Stay tuned, our Monthly Blogs promote the highest quality of life.

Are Titanium Dental Implants Safe?

If the idea of placing a foreign material in your body makes you a little apprehensive, you are not alone. Many people feel some trepidation about putting metal materials in their bodies, especially in the oral cavity. According to Orlando oral surgeon Ronald Trevisani, titanium dental implants are completely safe and have a very low… Read more

Are You Tired of Loose Dentures?

Dentures replace the look and feel of missing teeth. Modern advances in technology have led to the creation of dentures that are more realistic looking and lightweight than ever. Unfortunately, despite these advances, many denture wearers struggle to chew confidently and enunciate clearly. Dr. Ronald Trevisani, an Orlando implant dentist and oral surgeon, is pleased… Read more

Foods to Eat While Recovering from Oral Surgery

Patients that plan ahead for oral surgery normally end up experiencing a smoother, stress-free recovery than those that don’t. One of the ways that Orlando oral surgeon Ronald Trevisani recommends patients prepare for surgery and recovery is to buy and prepare foods to eat after surgery. Although it is difficult to predict exactly how someone… Read more

How to Find the Best Oral Surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specially trained dentists that treat complex problems of the teeth, mouth, jaw, face, neck and head. If you have been told by a dentist that you need oral surgery, or you are experiencing symptoms that suggest you could need oral surgery, you want the most qualified surgeon to handle your… Read more

Making the Most of Downtime after Oral Surgery

With some oral surgery procedures, you’ll be back to work and your regular activities in virtually no time at all. However, with other oral surgery procedures — particularly more involved procedures like facial surgery — there may be some downtime while you recuperate. Dr. Ronald Trevisani, the oral surgeon Orlando patients turn to for extraordinary… Read more

The Link between Oral Health and Overall Health

Taking care of your teeth and mouth is more important than ever. An increasing body of research has identified a critical link between oral health and overall health. Maintaining a healthy mouth may reduce your chances of developing a life-threatening disease. The opposite is true as well — poor oral health may have negative consequences… Read more