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Dental Implant Restoration Orlando – Dr. Ronald Trevisani

Orlando Dental Implants Procedure: Restoring the Implants

Dental implants are attractive tooth replacement options in terms of both function and cosmetics. Placing dental implants is essentially a three-stage process: 1) surgically placing the implant posts in the jawbone; 2) letting the bone and implant post heal and bond together; and 3) placing an artificial tooth on top of the implant post, otherwise known as “restoring the implants.”

Implant posts can support several types of artificial teeth restorations, including crowns, bridges, and partial dentures. The type of restoration used in a particular case is up to the discretion of Dr. Trevisani. He is carefully attuned to his Orlando dental implants patients’ needs and, with many years of experience, has restored the look and feel of the teeth with dental implants. Contact him for a dental implants consultation in Orlando.

Replacing a Single Tooth

If Dr. Trevisani is replacing a single tooth with a dental implant, he will customize a dental crown. Dental crowns look exactly like natural teeth in their size, shape and color. Crafted from porcelain or metal materials, crowns are normally used in restorative dentistry cases where a tooth is structurally unsound and needs support. In these types of cases, the crown slips over the surface of the remaining tooth.

The crown screws onto the implant post via an attachment piece called an abutment. Dr. Trevisani is meticulous in his placement of the crown to ensure that it matches the surrounding teeth, feels secure and functions normally. Once he has placed the crown, he makes any necessary adjustments to ensure that the patient’s bite is comfortably aligned.

Replacing Several Teeth

Patients who need to have several teeth replaced may have a partial denture or Hybridge placed. These dental appliances, which resemble teeth attached to gum-like material, fit into the gaps left by missing teeth. Implant-supported dentures and the Hybridge prostheses are fixed into place and do not need to be removed for cleaning or soaking like traditional dentures.

An implant-supported bridge may be used in some cases. If Dr. Trevisani is unable to place an implant post in a particular spot — either because there is insufficient jawbone underneath, or it’s dangerously close to a nerve or the sinus cavity (in the upper arch of teeth) — he may place two implant posts on either side of the space, and secure a dental bridge onto the posts. The bridge consists of two crowns screwed into the top of the implant posts, with another crown suspended in between, to fit into the gap.

Mini Dental Implants

One of the challenges of placing implants is placing them in too narrow of a space. If an implant post doesn’t have adequate room to fuse with the jawbone and thrive, it has a higher risk of failure. One possible solution to this problem is mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are used for smaller teeth and incisors. They are approximately half the size (width) of traditional implants — about the size of a toothpick. If you’re concerned about replacing a smaller tooth, Dr. Trevisani can discuss mini dental implants with you during your implants consultation.

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If you’ve lost one or more teeth and need a permanent replacement, consider dental implants for their functional and aesthetic advantages over their alternatives. Speak with Dr. Trevisani during a one-on-one dental consultation to learn more about the placement and restoration process. Contact our Orlando dental implants practice today to set up your consultation.