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Cost of Dental Implants Orlando – Dr. Ronald Trevisani

Orlando Dental Implants Cost

Cost is an important consideration of any medical or dental treatment. As the go-to oral surgeon and dental implants provider in Orlando, Dr. Ronald Trevisani meets many individuals that carefully weigh their tooth replacement options and compare the costs of each option. He believes that dental implants are a great investment well worth taking into account.

Consider this: a dental implant is typically less expensive than a bridge (in the long run) because a bridge might need to be replaced more often. Also, success rates and patient satisfaction are much higher with dental implants. Your teeth are critical to your appearance, confidence and chewing ability, and there is simply no better option to replace them than dental implants.

How Is Dental Implant Cost Determined?

The cost of dental implants is calculated based on several factors:

The treatment plan: Every patient has unique needs and goals of tooth replacement. Some patients need a single dental implant, others need an implant-supported bridge, and some need all of their teeth replaced with dental implants. A single implant is the least expensive option, with the costs increasing as more teeth need to be replaced.

Another treatment plan consideration is whether bone grafting or additional pre-implants work is needed. Patients that require bone grafting prior to implant placement to build up weak or insufficient jawbone should anticipate additional costs.

The specific technology used: Not all implants are created equal. Dr. Trevisani believes in offering his patients the most state-of-the-art dental implant technology, such as the Prettau Zirconia implants. These implants are designed for excellent, long-lasting appearance and function — and the cost reflects that. Not investing in a quality implant system could result in an implant that doesn’t look or feel great.

The provider you select: A less experienced dental implants provider may not charge as much as a board-certified, experienced oral surgeon. However, it is essential to select a dental implants provider with the right skills and experience, and one whom practices in safe, modern, accredited facilities. Don’t settle for anything less — your oral health depends on it.

Insurance Coverage for Dental Implants

Insurance coverage for dental implants varies by provider and plan. If your insurance provider does not offer coverage for implants specifically, you might ask them if you can use an allowance equal to the amount of treatment with dentures or a dental bridge. If insurance coverage is not possible at all, there are plenty of healthcare financing options available as well.

Get a Customized Quotes for Dental Implants

Dr. Trevisani can provide more information about your estimated dental implants cost after an initial appointment and evaluation. To schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Trevisani today.