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Even with all of the advances of modern dentistry, unfortunately loss of teeth is still a reality. In fact, in the age range of 65 years to 75 years, an astonishing 26% of adults have lost all of their teeth. One of the lowest cost solutions to this modern problem is a removable denture. There are three types of removable dentures; standard full dentures, partial dentures and cosmetic dentures.

Standard Full Dentures

Dentures comprised of a set of upper and lower teeth are known as full dentures. These dentures are made of a pliable material that allow them to stay in place through suction. Because the material is pliable, the dentures can shrink or change shape, necessitating routine visits to the dentist. Ill-fitting dentures are not just uncomfortable; they can cause serious problems with the jawbone and must be attended to.

Partial Dentures

If there are sufficient supporting teeth and gums, partial dentures are a practical solution where only a limited number of teeth need to be replaced. They tend to be more comfortable and secure than the standard full dentures and require less maintenance.

Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentures are designed to look as natural as possible, and they require less maintenance. Rather the being made from pliable materials like the standard full dentures, they are made from a hard acrylic and will not shrink or change shape over time.

The best solution to secure cosmetic dentures is through the use of dental implants. Use of implants make the dentures more comfortable and secure than standard dentures because the teeth rest or snap into place and cannot move around as much.

It’s important to know all of your options, and to be aware of all of the latest advancements in tooth replacement. Visit Dr. Trevisani today for a personal evaluation and recommendation for the most advanced and best possible solution for you.