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Are You Tired of Loose Dentures?

Dentures replace the look and feel of missing teeth. Modern advances in technology have led to the creation of dentures that are more realistic looking and lightweight than ever. Unfortunately, despite these advances, many denture wearers struggle to chew confidently and enunciate clearly.

Dr. Ronald Trevisani, an Orlando implant dentist and oral surgeon, is pleased to offer several solutions to loose, ill-fitting dentures. Read on as he explains what can be done about the problem.

The Issue with Dentures

One of the biggest problems with dentures is that they are unstable. The adhesive that secures them to the gums often fails to provide the stability that people want when eating, speaking or smiling. As a result, the dentures can make embarrassing clicking or popping noises. Denture wearers may find it difficult to speak clearly and smile confidently, and eat all of the foods they normally would enjoy.

A More Secure Solution: Dental Implants

There’s no reason to struggle with the challenges and inconveniences of dentures. Dental implants are a great looking, fully functional alternative to missing teeth. In fact, they surpass dentures in terms of appearance, functionality and longevity.

During dental implant placement, titanium posts are implanted to the jawbone, where they act as tooth roots for artificial teeth. The posts keep the jawbone stimulated to prevent it from deteriorating, which can happen after tooth loss.

Dr. Trevisani can replace one tooth or all of the teeth in the mouth with dental implants. He can place a single implant post to support a crown that blends in with remaining natural teeth. Or, he can place several dental implant posts throughout the upper and/or lower jaw, and then attach a denture-like appliance to the tops of the posts to replace the entire arch of teeth. Because the appliance is securely clipped to the posts, it won’t slip or shift around like traditional dentures do.

Another perk of dental implants is that they require no special care, and can be brushed and flossed normally. There’s none of the cleaning and maintenance dentures demand.

A properly planned, expertly placed dental implant can last indefinitely!

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