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Eliminating Anxiety about Dental Implant Placement

Anxiety surrounding dental implants is not uncommon. However, there is no need to be nervous or fearful about implant placement. Dental implant surgery is a routine procedure and, when performed by a skilled oral surgeon, is almost always a safe and predictable experience. In fact, dental implants have an impressive 90 to 95 percent success… Read more

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

You have two options to replace a single missing tooth: a dental implant and a dental bridge. In order to make the right choice, it’s critical to have accurate information about both options and to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both. Consult this guide, compiled by Orlando implant dentist Ronald Trevisani, to familiarize yourself… Read more

Questions to Ask Your Implant Dentist

The dental implants consultation is a valuable opportunity to learn more about this tooth replacement option and the dentist or oral surgeon responsible for placing it. To make sure you cover all of the bases during your consultation, Dr. Trevisani, who offers dental implants in Orlando, has put together a helpful list of questions to… Read more

Will I Need Bone Grafting Prior to Implant Placement?

If you’re at all familiar with dental implant technology, you probably know that implant posts are placed directly in the jawbone. In order to properly accommodate the implant post (and offer a reliable foundation for the artificial tooth that is later attached to the top of the post), the jawbone must be of a certain… Read more

Put Your $ Where Your Mouth Is

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), we are more likely to spend our hard-earned money to improve the appearance of our teeth than our body. The 2012 AACD study found that 80 percent of Americans would spend money to fix their flaws; 62 percent of these people said they would pay for… Read more

Five Reasons to Have Dental Implants in 2013 – Orlando

The start of a new year usually brings a sense of motivation to solve problems. Let 2013 be the year that you finally replace missing, decayed or damaged teeth — permanently. Dr. Ronald Trevisani, a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has been offering dental implants in Orlando for more than 15 years. Here are five… Read more