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Making the Most of Downtime after Oral Surgery

With some oral surgery procedures, you’ll be back to work and your regular activities in virtually no time at all. However, with other oral surgery procedures — particularly more involved procedures like facial surgery — there may be some downtime while you recuperate. Dr. Ronald Trevisani, the oral surgeon Orlando patients turn to for extraordinary care, has some tips to help you avoid boredom.

Engross Yourself in a Good Book

Reading is an activity of choice for our patients during oral surgery recovery. It’s easy to get engrossed in a good book and forget that you’re at home recovering from a procedure.

If you don’t feel like reading, try an audiobook or a podcast. A serialized podcast like S-Town, Dirty John or Serial will keep you riveted for hours.

Reach Out to Friends

Have you been meaning to reach out to friends? Reconnect over email or send a handwritten letter. Make plans to catch up in person once you’ve fully recuperated from surgery.

Savor a Break from Your Exercise Routine

If you normally follow a strict workout regimen, you’ll probably appreciate a break from the gym. If you start to feel a bit restless, and your Orlando oral surgeon allows you to do so, take a brisk walk around your neighborhood. The fresh air will feel rejuvenating!

Catch Up on Sleep

Most of us could use a few more hours of quality sleep at night. Use this opportunity to catch up on sleep so you’ll feel completely rejuvenated when going back to work and your normal routine.

Binge a Top-Rated Show

If you’re subscribed to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, watch a season of one of their top-rated series. Or, re-watch an old favorite sitcom.

Get Some Inspiration from Pinterest

Stuck in a style or cooking rut? Peruse Pinterest, a virtual platform designed to help you discover and organize ideas like new recipes, outfits and home DIY projects. “Pin” and save your ideas to pinboards so you can try them when you’re back up to speed.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Pick a place off your bucket list and plan your dream trip. Price out plane tickets, research hotels in the area and outline a possible itinerary. Create a budget and a savings plan to turn your dream into reality.

Heed the Advice of Your Oral Surgeon

No matter how you choose to spend your downtime after surgery, make sure you follow the instructions of your Orlando oral surgeon. If you have questions about any of the instructions provided to you, Dr. Trevisani or a member of our team is always available via phone or email to clarify.