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The Clear Choice for Dental Implants in Orlando: Dr. Ronald Trevisani

Dr. Trevisani Is the Clear Choice for Dental Implants in Orlando

 Recently, affiliate offices of national dental implant franchises have opened their doors in the Maitland area of Orlando. While these dental implant centers churn through a high volume of patients, the quality of care is markedly different from what you find at Dr. Ronald Trevisani’s practice.

If you take a closer look at the similarities and differences between dental implant centers and our office, it becomes obvious why Dr. Trevisani is the clear choice for dental implants in Orlando.  

  National Franchise Dental Implant Centers Dr. Ronald Trevisani
Customer Service Sales rep does consultations; patient meets surgeon only the day of surgery The doctor greets, consults, performs surgery himself
Experience Brand new to Maitland Over 20 years serving the Orlando area at two offices


Price $25,000 and up Cost-effective
Reputation Impersonal care; cuts corners, focused on quantity rather than quality Reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, well known in the community


Customer Service

Patients that go to dental implant centers meet with several different people throughout the experience, which interrupts the continuity of care. They first meet with sales reps that conduct the consultation, and are then handed off to laboratory staff to obtain the necessary imaging tests and measurements. Patients only meet the surgeon placing their implants on the day of the procedure. This piecemeal approach to care means that information can get lost in translation. Also, patients don’t have an opportunity to spend time getting to know their surgeon until the day of the operation.

Compare that to Dr. Trevisani, who is the primary point of contact to his patients and makes himself known from the very beginning of the process. He conducts the consultation, performs the imaging tests, places and restores the implants. Patients have many opportunities to ask him questions and have potential concerns cleared up.


Satellite offices do not have the history of experience that Dr. Trevisani does. He has served the Orlando area for over 20 years and helped thousands of patients enjoy improved appearance and oral health through the placement of dental implants. Dr. Trevisani is knowledgeable in all aspects of dental implant treatment, from planning to placing and restoring the implants.


Franchise offices tend to have higher pricing in order to cover their payroll, making dental implant treatment inaccessible to the patients that need it. Dr. Trevisani offers fair, cost-effective treatment. He is up-front about pricing from the first consultation. There are no hidden or surprise fees.


Dental implant centers have a reputation for fast, impersonal care. On the other hand, Dr. Trevisani is regarded as a knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy oral surgeon that tailors treatment to the individual patient.

Meet the Clear Choice for Dental Implants in Orlando

If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Trevisani understands what you are going through. He encourages you to consider replacing missing teeth with dental implants for improved appearance and optimal oral health. He wants you to know that our entire team will be there for you as you evaluate your tooth replacement options.  

To schedule a dental implants consultation in Maitland, Florida, please call or email our team today.