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Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon before Surgery

If you are planning to have oral surgery, it’s natural to be curious about the experience, and want to know exactly what you can expect. At the office of Orlando oral and maxillofacial surgeon Ronald Trevisani, we believe there are no stupid questions, only the questions that you don’t ask. We are happy to answer… Read more

Nasal Spray Could Replace Novocaine

If you’re not fond of the needles that Orlando oral surgeons use to administer numbing medication, you may be interested in a new dental discovery. Scientists are currently evaluating a different way to deliver anesthetic: intranasal drugs. Evidence shows that when the anesthetic is administered to the nose via drops or a nasal spray, the… Read more

Four Reasons Why People Replaced a Missing Tooth in the New Year

As we welcome a new year, many people make resolutions and goals, often centering around health or lifestyle changes they would like to make to be healthier and happier. Orlando dental implants provider Ronald Trevisani encourages you to consider your oral health and explore ways to improve it in the new year. Missing teeth can… Read more