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Questions to Ask Your Implant Dentist

The dental implants consultation is a valuable opportunity to learn more about this tooth replacement option and the dentist or oral surgeon responsible for placing it. To make sure you cover all of the bases during your consultation, Dr. Trevisani, who offers dental implants in Orlando, has put together a helpful list of questions to… Read more

Am I Too Old for a Dental Implant?

Dr. Trevisani, an Orlando implant dentist, receives a lot of inquiries from men and women seeking a permanent tooth replacement. Some candidates that are considering dental implants fear they are too old to qualify for treatment. According to Dr. Trevisani, age does not influence the success of dental implant treatment; he has successfully placed dental… Read more

The History and Evolution of Dental Implant Technology

Dental implant technology has evolved significantly, and today’s implants are stable, long-lasting and comfortable. But they weren’t always this successful. Have you ever wondered about how modern day implants came to be? Here, trusted Orlando oral surgeon Dr. Ronald Trevisani shares the evolution of dental implants. Primitive Forms of Tooth Replacement Civilizations have been dealing… Read more

What Causes Gum Recession? (And What to Do about It!)

Have you noticed that your gum line looks lower than normal, exposing more of your tooth roots and perhaps forming what look to be small pockets? Your teeth may also feel more sensitive to hot or cold foods. This is called gum recession. It is a common condition and can be treated easily by a… Read more

Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon before Surgery

If you are planning to have oral surgery, it’s natural to be curious about the experience, and want to know exactly what you can expect. At the office of Orlando oral and maxillofacial surgeon Ronald Trevisani, we believe there are no stupid questions, only the questions that you don’t ask. We are happy to answer… Read more

How Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Saved a Young Boy’s Life

At only six weeks old, Matia Simion developed a small blue lesion on his gums, which doctors in his Romanian hometown believed to be a fairly common and benign gingival cyst. The cyst grew so rapidly that at three months old, the baby couldn’t swallow and had to be tube-fed. It was hard for him… Read more